Are you looking for a place to stay with a group? At Alibi Hostel we have all facilities necessary for all kinds of groups. With variety of different rooms, we can have up to 64 guests. Together with local event teams we offer a variety of programs, activities  and tours. So whether you’re out with your sports team, a bachelor party, your company, friends or family, let us know and together we’ll make sure you and your group has a blast in Leeuwarden.

Parking touringcars

Alibi hostel does not have the facilities to park touringcars. In Leeuwarden, several spots are available to park touringcars.

At the WTC Hotel, Heliconweg 52, 8914 AT, Leeuwarden.
At Kalverdijkje, Egelantierstraat, 8924 JP, Leeuwarden

If there is no space, in case of events for example, we advise to park at Dirk Zeperweg.
They charge a fee but even though a touringcar takes multiple spaces you only need to pay for one.

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